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It is unusual to see Christians and Jews celebrate their religious holidays on the same day. The Christian Holy Week and Passover normally fall near each other, but it is rare that Good Friday and the first night of the Jewish festival are celebrated on the same day.

This is a reminder of the historical links between the two religious holidays. Good Friday is the Christian holy day marking his crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ Last Supper is traditionally thought to have been what is now celebrated as the Passover Seder, the ritual feast that commemorates Moses’ liberation of the Israelite. The celebration of the Passover Seder this year will coincide with the timing of the Last Supper, which took place the night before Good Friday.

Passover celebrates the Israelite Exodus from slavery in Egypt, and played a role in the Christian narrative of Jesus’ last days. Like many Jews, Jesus participated in the annual Passover pilgrimage to Jerusalem. It was during the celebration of that festival, according to The Bible, that Jesus Christ was arrested by The Romans.

Christianity’s roots in Judaism, and Jesus’ Jewish background, over subsequent centuries overlapped between the two holy seasons and became increasingly fraught. The church’s charge against Jews as a group with the crime of the long-held belief that Jesus’ Jewish contemporaries were responsible for his death, inflamed animosity toward Jews. The promotion of the idea of Jews as Christ's killers had terrible consequences over the centuries.

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