Effective Communications

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 14:41

While US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was outlining the Trump administration's Immigration Plan, which appears to be horrifying, I was crossing state lines on a very important mission.

My baby girl Sabrina while in the area on business invited me to have dinner at a delightful Italian Restaurant near Montclair State University. We had a chance to catch up and this proud grandpa also watched videos and drooled over images of my grandkids. (For them, visit these.) *

The drive was crazy. NJ drivers are just as nuts as New York and California commuters, not to mention the intermittent traffic which was less than pleasant for Siri and me.

I also had the pleasure of participating with my older daughter Natasha, who was still on the left coast. I tried reaching out to my son Yiliang, but he was busy working and could not make time.
(He does not have an Instagram account.)

However, the takeaway in all of this is constantly or at least regularly communicate with your loved ones to let each other know what you're up to and how you feel.

I returned home a little later just after my wife Yirong
had arrived from work just in time to show and tell her how much I do lover her.

A guide to effective communcation via @YouTube