El Choteo

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The evolution of the idiosyncratic Choteo, inextricably linked to Cuban national identity and is illustrated through its rich cross-cultural presence in cinema, literature, theater, and, most significantly, journalism, television, and popular music.

Made popular by the late Cuban comedian GUILLERMO ÁLVAREZ GUEDES, as well as others and authored with La generación del ño, by the award-winning writer Gustavo Pérez Firmat.

#GAG was not only a Cuban comedian, but he was extremely popular throughout Latin America. While working for Telemundo, I once proposed hiring Alvarez Guedes to do a 60 Minutes type funny commentary on the week's news every Friday to finish our Noticiero. I reached out to him in Miami and he was gracious enough o come to New York to discuss my idea. While sitting at a restaurant in Union City, NJ we had just about every staff member from the waiter, to the bartender to the dishwasher come to our table to meet him. Once he agreed to accept my financial offer, the strong arm of network standards and practices rejected my idea because he insisted on using his trademark " coño "

The word derived from the Latin Cunnus, which some have connected to the English cunt.. Coño is found all around the Spanish-speaking world, from Spain to Chile, and its uses widely vary. Coño is sexual slang equivalent to the English pussy, vagina, or C-unt. But in Cuba, coño is an exclamatory Holy Shit! or Wow! Coño also shows up in a number of profane expressions... And so it goes.

El Choteo has realized relaxation brought about by Cuban humor. 

BLA, Bla, bla  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12865994/?ref_=ext_shr_tw