Extremely Dangerous Video

Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 21:41

Let the record show that #DONews http://breaking.doseofnews.com/ #NewsHooks https://newshooks.com #CityImages https://cimages.me condemn the despicable video depicting @realDonaldTrump masquerading as @POTUS attacking journalists, political opponents, and a former president. Speak up @GOP Violence is never the solution. THIS IS FAKE NEWS

Wil every decent person join in to denounce that video? #USA As a longtime #SPJ https://www.spj.org/ member, we applaud this.

"This video is dangerous and disturbing. It gives further fuel to the president's anti-press position, suggesting that violence against journalists is acceptable and even humorous," said SPJ National President Patricia Gallagher Newberry. "Journalists are not 'enemies of the people,' Mr. President. They are courageous couriers at the frontlines of history, exercising their First Amendment rights on behalf of the American public. They should be celebrated, not vilified as opponents in battle as they are in this grotesque video."

‪Let’s be serious — Trump doesn’t mind these incitements to kill journalists https://interc.pt/33Ag3d7