F-ing Cold Outside

Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 09:27

The F is for freezing, please keep it clean in case you were thinking otherwise, so try hard to get your minds out of the gutter. This a family-friendly platform carries warnings whenever necessary.

Brrr Brutally cold temperatures are expected and it will be another EXTREMELY cold day. Bundle up, stay indoors if you can, make sure your pets are also inside, but also check in with your elderly neighbors, or at least call them to make sure they're OK.

There is good news and there is bad news. Which one should we start with? Let us begin with good news.

The weather patterns are about to change, but the bad news is that bone-chilling cold is being expected, as forecasters fear 10 below zero in The Frozen Big Apple, so be careful out there folks.

Brutal and 'bone-chilling' cold envelops US east coast two days after storm…

East Coast set for wickedly cold weekend of sub-zero temps

Also, NOAA to announce 2017 U.S. climate highlights and updates to billion-dollar weather disasters… #CityImages #DONews