Fall From Grace

Submitted by ub on Wed, 12/30/2015 - 19:48

There has to be more pressing global news than the salaciousness stemming from an NBC TV program featuring a secret agent, America's funniest dad - Now a reality show. Scandals of all kinds are part of news cycles, but this one has a life of its own.

Bill Cosby charged with a sex crime dating to 2004…

Bill Cosby Arraigned for Alleged Aggravated Indecent Assault - ABC News - via @ABC

BBC News - Bill Cosby charged with indecent assault

Bill Cosby charged with sexual assault stemming from 2004 allegation | PBS NewsHour via @NewsHour

Via @NPR: Cosby Charged With Felony Sexual Assault In Philadelphia-Area Case

Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault in Pennsylvania via @Reuters

Bill Cosby arraigned on sexual assault charge in Pennsylvania via @usatoday

Cosby’s Chilling Instructions to Andrea Constand: ‘Put Them in Your Mouth’

King: Bill Cosby isn’t Heathcliff Huxtable, he's a 'monster'