Family Affair

Submitted by ub on Sat, 11/28/2015 - 11:02

November was once again an extremely sweet month for our entire family. Sabrina Caren gave birth to my fifth grandchild, a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Olivia. When she was born, my wife Yirong, and I quickly traveled from New York City to Los Angeles to meet and enjoy a week with the grand-kids and to help out the parents as they and the "bigger and older cousins" happily welcomed OLIVIA to The Soto - Polo Family.

Several years ago, my oldest daughter Natasha Elena gave birth to my grandson Parker, who was also born in November and will celebrate another birthday tomorrow. Happy fourth birthday to my first and only grandson, PARKER YUSTA.

Now back home ourselves, we spend time looking over the digital photos and reminiscing about all the special moments with Olivia, Parker, Sophia, Chloe and Elena. We have much to be grateful for. All of the grandchildren are getting a good start in life. Their parents are devoted, responsible, and delighted to have a fabulous family.