Family First

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/24/2017 - 13:35

As soon as we hear the word Family, we are greeted by the images of happy and smiling faces.

A family is a close knit unit that stands and supports us through thick and thin. No matter how many
difficulties or challenges choose to raise their ugly heads, the family is the only source of unconditional love
that stays forever. The family is lighted by the spirit of togetherness, love, care, warmth, and comfort.

Though the family is all about unlimited feelings of affection, it does not translate into a similar line of
thoughts always. As individual members with diverse beliefs, we may come across several differences of
opinion. Though such differences may enter and exit quite often, the underlying theme lies in
understanding and respecting each other. As every single member moves towards common goals of
happiness, peace, and stability, this system of family truly comes to life.

While I was fortunate to grow up within the supportive environment of a family, my childhood
experiences were colored with interesting memories. Supportive mother, encouraging father and caring
elder sister formed the complete picture of my family that introduced me to the concept of ‘love and
life’. Family brings out the best in us. With a loving husband, as my family has expanded towards more
care and understanding, it has brought me closer to the joy of living.

Respect forms the central theme of any family, as it is essential to trust their opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and faith. Though we may disagree on certain aspects, the key to a happy life lies in listening to each
other. By understanding their opinions, we can learn about diverse angles to a story.

Support is the essence that adds beauty to a family. Many times, while attempting a novel task or
preparing ourselves for a challenging situation, all we need is an encouraging nod from our family.
Irrespective of the outcome of a situation, all that matters is support and trust of our loved ones. Family
tools to raise our spirit with their unrestricted flow of positive vibes. While they may encourage you to
put your best foot forward, they can also guide you about your weaknesses. Though family members
may act as the best critics to point our mistakes, their words are powered by the desire to improve us.
Without any hidden motive or selfish agenda, their aim is to prepare us for the world ahead. By
appreciating our highlights and guiding us about our weak points, they help us in every way.

A family poses as a book with its numerous chapters of values and principles. It teaches sacrifice,
compromise, and sharing. Forgetting our individual choices, when we look at the bigger picture of family
happiness, the joy enhances to a great level. During instances of family holidays and vacation, when we
all come together to enjoy as a team, the common goal is unlimited fun. The family is the only group that
can push us away from our comfort zone. They can be treated as the best audience, while we present
our unusual skills and hidden talents! No matter how bad you sing or dance, you will always have applause
and appreciation from their side. Family can pat and tease you at the same time, as they hold the power
to portray every role in your life. Every single member of the family represents some unique aspects. From loving parents to caring grandparents, from supportive siblings to lovely spouses, the family is filled with a variety of elements.

Unconditional love without any expectations and unlimited support without any favors in return
represent the uniqueness of a family. Though family stands for a close-knitted unit, it encourages us to
build new ties and connect with those around us. Being with a family does not mean total isolation from
the world. Instead, it represents the happy feeling of having someone at home. It is necessary to respect the space of every member, allowing freedom for growth, prosperity, progress, and happiness. As a foundation of a family is based on strong bricks of trust and faith, it cannot break over some insecure feelings or doubtful thoughts. No matter how many arguments or misunderstandings may linger in the center, a family can erase and handle it all. As individuals, we may fail to understand, but as a family, we can work on every problem together.

A complete institution in itself, the family is the social theme of love, care, respect, and comfort. Love your
family, celebrate your life, connect with their thoughts and express your feelings - after all, the family will
always be there for the heart and soul in you!

By Lavanya