Fathers Day Countdown

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/15/2017 - 01:12

When my MoM, DaD, two older brothers and I came to America, we enjoyed watching a new TV show called MY THREE SONS. I identified with this comedy on many levels. We were three boys and very close to our parents.

Those were the good old days and while enjoying these episodes I always wondered if I would have three children and would they turn out healthy, wealthy, and with a special emphasis on wise. As it turns that the answer is most certainly... Yes, sireeee Bob, seguro que si, 确实是的.

While all three of my kids enjoyed eating loudly, I have now learned that results from recently completed research claims those who make sounds while eating are genius.…
Does the sound of noisy eating drive you mad?

THE 60's were innocent times when a pie in the face was a comic situation. This particular program reminded me of leaving home in a hurry for just a few days, but turned into a few decades.

My parents as well as my older brother and most uncles and aunts have unfortunately passed on along with most of these TV cast members who are also gone.

My wonderful daughters Natasha E and Sabrina C have made me a proud grandpa and I love being called GB aka Grandpa BoB. My son, Yiliang C keeps insisting that he will continue to stay single... for the time being.

I will gladly post all my grandchildren photos which are going to be featured in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!