FBI vs Clinton

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Bill Clinton chats a lot while private jets take off. At times the 42nd president would say hello to anyone he saw on a tarmac. Monday, it caused a world of political problems in CampPain 2016.

Bill's big mouth is at it once again, but this one should have been avoided.

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I just cant stand everyone picking on Hilary. This is ONLY because she is a woman. She has easily been the greatest secretary of state EVER! Even better than william seward! So what she used a yahoo account for her email? That just shows shes an average person. She emails people from yahoo about country secrets, i dont see anything wrong with that. I use yahoo. I aint never had other countries break into my email. Forget about Trump, it's Bernie that is giving Her so much crap. He knows he dosnt have another chance to run for president so he is trying to ruin our chances for a woman president. We need a woman president, she could say death to america and i would still vote for her because we need a woman president. #imwithher

Hillary Clinton has lots of explaining to do, according to federal investigators. The FBI is in the final stages of its probe and this comes after Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that she would defer to investigators and prosecutors in deciding whether to press charges.

Meanwhile, US attorney general says her meeting with Bill Clinton “cast a shadow” over the justice department’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

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