FCC's 3 Blind Rats

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 21:57

How did three unelected men ignore the will of 83% Of the American people? TRUMP's GOP is the real answer.

Folks have a right to be guarded about internet regulations. Throughout the history of human civilization access to information has been controlled by those in power, countless generations of which have given rise to the profoundly sick power-serving society we find ourselves in today. The invention of the internet gave humanity its first-ever access to the widespread unhindered democratization of ideas and information, and if we’re ever to overthrow the pernicious power structures which perpetuate the continual omnicidal trend toward war and ecocide which threatens us our species with extinction, widespread internet access will surely play a role in that effort.

Therefore we have gotten squeezed out following recent poll from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation which found that 83 percent of Americans favor existing net neutrality regulations, including 75 percent of Republicans.…

Even if you don’t like that poll we’ve yet to see a single survey that doesn’t make it abundantly clear that this repeal is something the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want, and yet three unelected bureaucrats are ramrodding it down their throats anyway.

Net neutrality rules will officially end on April 23