FIDEL: The Untold Story and Anecdotes about Fidel

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An Evening with Estela Bravo: Filmmaker

Fidel: The Untold Story and Anecdotes about Fidel

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
6:30 pm ET
New York
In Person

Estela Bravo

Estela Bravo is one of the world’s premier filmmakers, dividing her time between the United States and Latin America. Tonight she will review her acclaimed work that has focused on Cuba and Fidel Castro, which she has covered for more than thirty years. Bravo will talk about her rare, revealing interviews with Castro, as well as exclusive footage she has obtained from the Cuban state archives. She will talk about American luminaries she captured meeting with Castro, including Henry Aaron talking baseball with the Cuban leader.

Bravo will also screen clips from her films that have dealt with Cuban-American history, including The Cuban Excludables, about thousands of Cuban detainees held in U.S. prisons, and Operation Peter Pan: Flying Back to Cuba, her moving portrait of five adults returning to their homeland after being sent to the U.S. in the sixties. We invite you to experience what Alice Walker already discovered: “Estela Bravo's films are the work of an intelligent heart: moving, informative, challenging, all at once."