Submitted by ub on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 10:33

Perhaps you did not know it, or you may not have heard it yet, but the World Cup is over. It does not matter whatever the outcome is on Sunday, it will not mean a thing. So much so that City Island Images has learned that Associated Press Television News has decided to closed down its operation before the weekend.

Germany will most likely do what just about everyone expects it to do and crush Argentina after overwhelming Brazil 7 to 1. This FIFA World Cup will most likely be remembered by the rout that Team Germany gave to Team Brazil in their own home turf.

As expected, after the tears, prayers to the heavens, people began searching for someplace to lay their guilty. From broadcast and cable, in Spanish, English and many other languages, in social media, that soccer game was the most tweeted sporting event in history, with 35.6 million finger pointing comments in every direction.

What concerns us is that almost everyone speaks of the collapse, the humiliation, of a Brazilian football crisis, but little is said about the amazing power of team Germany. The more we see the Germans play, the more we are amazed by their accuracy of their passes and of their defensive effectiveness their beauty, rhythm and so much passion. There now appears to be a new Super-team.

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