The Fight Before Christmas

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Hey man, have you ever met anyone from the cast of Night Court? That was a darn good show back in the 80s.

Twas the fight before Christmas, when all through the House and Senate, not a creature was caring, not even a louse. The allegations were hung on the free press with care, and now it's being used as a political distraction to repeal OBAMACARE. #POTUS

This can also be called the knight before Christmas because Jeff Sessions was born on December 24, 1946, and to this very day, this lone white knight still delivers sessions of testimonial dynamite as he continues to fight for legal might. Folks, you cant make up an intertwined story like this one. Believe me, that I can tell you.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was the first US Republican Senator to support Donald Trump's campaign. This move gained him the US Attorney General post in the resident's cabinet. Then all hell broke loose.

Since he first testified during his confirmation hearings before Senate colleagues, he has changed his story several times.The versions differ while Jeff Sessions' testimony under oath. The US Senate testimony changed by the time he appeared before US House members. But which session is to believe if they contradict each other, or was it a classic case of selective amnesia?

When Jeff Sessions returned to Capitol Hill, he faced new questions about his past testimony regarding the Trump team’s ties to Russia, new indictments and plea deals by special counsel Robert Mueller, revelations about the campaign’s ties to Wikileaks, and Alabama senatorial candidate sexual misconduct scandal.

What did the Attorney General know and when did he know it? Jeff Sessions changed statements about Trump campaign and Russia Sessions denied lying on Russia and may have a hazy memory

The huge contradiction at the heart of Jeff Sessions' Russia explanation @CNNPolitics

Jeff Sessions Displays Unsteady Recall on Trump-Russia Matters

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: ‘Jeff Sessions has made it a lot easier’ for special counsel Mueller to find him guilty of perjury…

Jeff Sessions' denials on Russia, explained @CNNPolitics

Since Session's Senate seat became vacant, the GOP has broken out in an all-out war by different factions who are fighting to fill it. Two separate GOP factions backed competing candidates. Luther Strange and Roy Moore, who won the primary. The general election will be held on 12/12 but there are accusations of past sexual misconduct, so US Senate Republicans are asking Moore to withdraw as a new accuser steps forward

Besides all the above drama, Sessions refuses to say if White House intervened in AT&T-Time Warner merger

Also, after being unable to name any police-targeting "black extremist groups," Sessions also says he wasn't aware of the mostly-white "sovereign citizens" group that actually has targeted police

He also claims there was no Pressure to Launch New Clinton Investigation…

Obama health mandate now target of GOP in big tax bill

Senate Finance chairman revises tax plan to end Obamacare mandate

Are there any skeletons in his closet? Depends on who you ask. The terrible, disqualifying things Jeff Sessions did as attorney general of Alabama:…

Meanwhile, why have leak Investigations Risen 800% Under Jeff Sessions?