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We continue with our professional profiles. Shiva Jlayer is a talented fine artist, who this month displays at Ron Terner's Focal Point Gallery on NYC's slice of paradise, City Island, as well as at a Manhattan exhibition space. More about that later.

The Persian-born painter, who also creates charcoal drawings arrived in the country just a couple of years ago and already speaks English fluently. Shiva was born in Shiraz, Iran and she tells City Images the arts are not only her hobby but her life's mission. Shiva admits she inherited and learned from her late father Mehdi Jlayer, who she calls a popular Persian artist, a sculptor, and a poet.

Shiva's website is comprised of her own art as well as her DaD's works representing Persepolis, which 2500 years ago was the ceremonial capital of Persian empire from Achaemenid dynasty.

Shiva's eclectic style varies from representational to surrealistic. Her emotions are raw with the human conditions of having lost her father and mentor. She has won contests and is exhibiting at New York Academy of Art Fund-Raiser this weekend.

Shiva is also a plant expert and holds advanced degrees in Agricultural Engineering. She says she enjoys 'kalam polo', which is cabbage cooked with rice. Shiva means saying something nice, and she devotes her positive energy to artistic adventures in America. She enjoys the arts and learning different cultures, as well as working for human rights and to decrease poverty.

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کریسمس مبارک Christmas Mubarak and to all a good night.

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