Finger-wagging Time

Submitted by ub on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 15:48

Everyone's been rejected at one time or another in an embarrassing manner, usually followed by an extremely humbling finger-wagging episode. Others call it finger-pointing, but unfortunately, we see it everywhere.

Women marching, teachers lecturing, friends and family members preaching, or politicians blaming. The latter is probably the most dangerous because they work for you and only you can replace them with your personal vote. The Twitter, Hashtag, TV, Radio and Internet Media has the whole world frustrated as hell, but our so-called leaders are not even close to being humbled.

Neither the great negotiator nor The Republicans, nor The Democrats have really done their jobs of looking out for the average taxpayer. In fact, one of them has refused to share their taxes with We The People. They must either get to work or be replaced at the polls this year.

After learning about @POTUS inviting the top Senate Democrat to negotiate over cheeseburgers, only to later reject his offer and allow a government shutdown, I'm reminded of...

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The Olympia Restaurant with Buck Henry…

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If you're an American taxpayer, contact your employees and voice your demands. Let them know that you want them to get to work. It's your Whitehouse, your US Senate and US House of Representatives.