Fingercrossing Or Fingerpointing?

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These are the possible outcomes. Win, lose, go back to the drawing board, or jump on Trump. Will US Congress call the president's bluff, blame it on Trump or do these members gamble with getting dumped?

President Trump has forced a vote on the GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Why aren't Americans given the opportunity to fully compare and contrast the two plans?

The idea was to improve Obamacare, not to make it worse, but that is not what is happening here. President Trump threw down an ultimatum to GOP members of The House. He wants to cram the proposed Obamacare replacement down their throats or keep the Affordable Care Act. This may be a huge gamble for the great negotiator. If it works, Trump will control the Republicans. If it fails, deal maker @potus will have a lot of explaining to do why he couldn't make art of the deal. There's a risk for House Republicans too. If they vote against the bill, they'll have to explain why they passed on their best opportunity to get rid of Obamacare, the law they've railed against for years. This revised bill cost more and covers fewer folk.

GOP leaders had to postpone Thursday's planned vote after they couldn't find the necessary votes from their own party to pass this legislation, known as #Trumpcare, or #Ryancare because not enough Congressmen care.

This political poker game is over the Affordable Care Act, also known as #Obamacare and its total overhaul requirements to essential health benefits. However, a Congressional Budget Office assessment claims it would cost more and not expand coverage. Even if it passes the house, US Senate Republicans will force major changes.