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First Lady Louisa C. Adams ‘Returns’ to St. Paul’s Church, and Women Dance Through History, at National Historic Site in Westchester County, Saturday afternoon, March 14, 2015 @1P

A re-enactment portraying Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of President John Quincy Adams, will share the story of her life in a presentation at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, in Mt. Vernon, NY, on Sat. March 14, at 1 PM. Mrs. Adams attended a funeral service at St. Paul’s in June 1829 for her son George Washington Adams, who drowned in a mysterious nearby boating accident. At 2:00, the world renowned Ajkun Ballet Theater presents a special dance sequence, “Women Dancing through History,” evoking the lives of three prominent women from American history associated with St. Paul’s Church -- Anne Hutchinson, Abigail Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt.

St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, 897 South Columbus Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY, 914-667-4116.

Directions:Hutchinson River Parkway to Exit 7, Boston Rd, and follow signs.