Five Fantastic Years

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 04/01/2017 - 12:35

CITY IMAGES is celebrating five years of successful publishing. I' like to say thanks to my daughter Sabrina for suggesting the name and to my friend and colleague CD Jaco for recommending it in the first place. According to Google analytics, this daily blog has grown from dozens of readers to thousands of regular visitors.

Please allow me to outline my distinguished career. I started working for free as a CEO, a communicator encouraging others while serving as a student intern for The Washington Post.
I went on to serve as NY Bureau Chief for The Associated Press. I now serve as a multimedia consultant and a mass communication professor.

You should know that I have no political affiliation, I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. I don't attend regularly scheduled services or represent any special interest groups, nor am I an advocate for a specific political view albeit I respect everyone. I'm an immigrant who entered the United States legally and I'm an American citizen, NYC property owner, and a taxpayer.
I am a happy husband and a proud father.

I may not be the youngest blog publisher, but I can assure you I'm qualified. As a multilingual media maestro, who can offer operations, management and editorial expertise directing and delivering powerful communications, my media production knowledge, training, as well as an excellent management record along with my ability to communicate in several languages, makes me an excellent Executive Editor and Publisher.

My career has soared serving on high-profile global media and academic organizations. I offer a history of collaboration with a variety of international colleagues and industry leaders while directing media start-ups, turnarounds and leading academic programs across scholarly disciplines in multidisciplinary projects.

May I also underline my successful track record in academic research, nonprofit and government-run media as well as commercial broadcasting and cable? I enjoy editorial, production, branding, and public relations expertise, having labored throughout the world, as well as managing communications budgets, staff development and meeting long-term core objectives, with real-time deadlines.

I have created engagement plans with key partners, stakeholders, leaders and organizations to advance marketing campaigns, and outreach initiatives. I can also design strategies to establish and sustain high profile relationships with public and nonprofit sectors, particularly in pace-setting partnerships not being currently addressed.

My strategic placements in traditional media and digital platforms, a history of advising senior executives with media training, securing opportunities among constituencies, including public officials, and decision-makers are just a few more reasons to chose CITY IMAGES.

Finally, what should also make my daily blog attractive is my expertise in media relations, my enterprising spirit, a contagious positive energy, and my newfound enthusiasm for this position.
As a person who embraces challenges, I have always benefited from them. Therefore I'm considering proposals and alternatives, including enhancing this one. Ideas, suggestions?

Thanks for your support... Gracias por su apoyo... 感謝您的支持

-RFE Soto