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Celebrating 37 years with exhibitions and perseverance, City Island's Focal Point Gallery was founded in 1974 by artists and photographer Ron Terner, which serves as an alternative exhibition space for multidimensional and exceptional little-known artists, who have been unable to gain recognition elsewhere.

Focal Point mounts eight exhibitions a year primarily of photography. Techniques and subject matter embraced by the artists runs the gamut and includes landscapes, pinhole computer images and photographic wall sculpture. Focal Point Press publishes an annual catalog of the exhibitions called Viewfinder.

This brilliant gallery manages to keep it's door wide open, for kids and adults, to to by and also to buy.
Ron has interesting, cool stuff, including paintings, photographs and handmade jewelry at reasonable prices.

Our very own City Islander and accomplished artist, Ron Terner can also be found on FaceBook.

321 City Island Avenue
City Island, NY 10464
Tel: (718) 885-1403
Visit Web Site -
Fri, Sat: 12 pm – 9 pm / Tues – Thurs, Sun: 12 pm – 7 pm

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Thanks so much for mentioning me and the gallery in your website. I would like to say that the longevity of the gallery has a lot to do with the community I am part of. City Island and the Islanders have been a major factor in my being here so long.