Forgetting Sessions

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I know that some folks forget, aren't really present, or at least paying attention during important sessions, so I was wondering how the Congress deals with it while this elected body represents We the People of The United States of America.

Case in point, former US Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to defend himself and the firing of Comey, by saying he did not recall and thereby remaining mum on most everything else, unlike his boss who often says something different

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III spiritedly defended his honor and the administration’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey. But once again, senators cut off Harris as she rails on Sessions @CNNPolitics

Jeff Sessions testifies: Refuses to say whether he spoke to Trump about Comey’s handling of Russia investigation…

However, he was allowed to get away with refusing to shed light on the confrontation between Comey and President Donald Trump. Highlights from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s Senate Testimony

And believe him or not he stated under oath that he has not been briefed on Russian hacking of the election.
Here’s the most shocking revelation from the Sessions hearing…

Meanwhile, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stated in public testimony that he wouldn’t fire Robert Mueller to suit Trump. Deputy AG Rosenstein says he wouldn’t fire Mueller unless ‘lawful and appropriate’…

At least for the time being, Trump is celebrating his birthday by not having his cake or eating it, as he appears unwilling to ask Rosenstein to do so. Trump Stews, Staff Steps In, and Mueller Is Safe for Now

Sessions’ remarks as prepared. US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.…

A transcript of the hearing. Jeff Sessions' testimony on Trump and Russia

Samantha Bee calls out Jeff Sessions' "folksy bulls**t"