Celebrating Four Decades ¡Retumba!

Hello Friends ¡Hola Amigos! City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise invites everyone to celebrate the rich musical culture of ¡RETUMBA!.

¡Retumba! translates into Resound and they bring vibrant interactive performances that are musically soulful, passionate, entertaining as well as visually fascinating into a feast of folkloric music that can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

¡Retumba! is a multi-ethnic music and dance ensemble founded in 1981 in celebration of Women's History Month. Interweaving traditional rhythms, beautiful ancient melodies, with its very own unique interpretation, ¡Retumba! bases its work on the music and dance of Africa, Europe, and its expressions in the Americas and the Caribbean -Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Brazil.

Co-founders Yvette Martinez and Nancy Friedman:

Yvette Martínez is a performer, dancer, drummer, and teaching artist. She is the President and Co-founder of One World Arts, Inc., a non-profit organization with an emphasis on providing cultural performances, concerts, and special presentations at theaters, colleges, universities, and a wide array of community festivals. Yvette is also the Co-founder and Artistic Director of ¡Retumba! (Resound!), a multi-ethnic music and dance ensemble founded in March of 1981.

Interweaving traditional rhythms, beautiful ancient melodies, with their own unique interpretations and presenting the music and dance of Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. ¡Retumba! Brings to light the importance of people from various cultures working together, demonstrating the similarities and links of our shared traditions. Yvette will be a primary artist in this project, contributing drumming, dance, choreography, and composition. 

Nancy Friedman is the Co-founder of One World Arts, Inc and the Co-founder and Musical Director of ¡Retumba! Born in East Harlem, New York, she developed an interest in Latin music and chose percussion as the focus of her musical expression. She studied music theory at California State College in Sonoma. She continued her musical studies on her return to New York City at the Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts in East Harlem studying percussion with Louis Bauzo as well as studying privately with master drummers Frankie Malabe, Roberto Borrell, John Amira, and Felipe Garcia. She also composes and performs on flute, alto saxophone, and guitar. She is a freelance musician and has performed with a variety of groups in the New York area as a composer, arranger, and percussionist. Nancy will be a primary artist in this project, with the ability to contribute drumming, vocals, composition, and performance on flute, saxophone, and guitar.

Below are some of the musical programs featuring my friends, neighbors, and talented members of the musical group known as ¡Retumba!



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