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Thousands turned out to Orchard Beach today. Some were there to people watch, others enjoyed a weekend barbeque, while some played chess and others listened to music and everyone enjoyed the wonderful warm weather.

There was a large group of dancers, who were there to celebrate the beginning of another jammed packed summer concert season in The Bronx.

This year La Mega 97.9 has joined forces with Bronx Lebanon Hospital and Heineken Beer to sponsor their free 10 week musical concert series.

City Island Images spoke with Cuban American MEGA VP Eric Garcia, who said these free events will offer at least three hours of live music each and every Sunday.

The concert series are expected to continue until labor Day.


July 8 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD
July 15 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD
July 22 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD
July 29 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD
Aug 5 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD
Sept 2 Sun BX Orchard Beach TBD

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Does anybody knows who's playing ? Everything is in the dark.