Freedom of Oppressed?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/30/2016 - 09:46

The Turks did not read the writing on their walls. Now the harsh crackdown is underway. Turkish authorities should release and drop charges against 48 journalists that police have detained as part of a sweeping purge of the media.

According to the independent news website P24, the 88 journalists for whom arrest warrants were issued are part of the reaction to the July 15 military coup attempt that left more than 200 people dead.

Also since July 15, the General Directorate of Press-Publishing Information (BYEGM), the bureau within the prime minister's office responsible for issuing press credentials, has revoked the credentials of at least 330 journalists.

The government claims the targeted journalists and media outlets are linked to the Hizmet movement, which it accuses of orchestrating the failed military coup.

How can Turkish officials get away with using a state of emergency law and order the closure of at least 131 newspapers, television and radio stations, publishers and news agencies?

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