From Nine to 39+

Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/12/2020 - 12:40

Regardless of my viewpoints, I was taught to respect anyone who shows personal or professional consideration, otherwise, sorry, excuse me, but I will continue celebrating my 39 birthday, again, and again. 

The following should interest folks who're into political science, public affairs, news, and history, which tends to repeat itself. 

The first passport photo was taken when I was told we were going to visit the USA and later found out we were really going to stay. The second while serving as a college professor, the tux pix, while proudly serving as Associated Press Bureau Chief in New York City. and the last one as a popular teenager. 

I was born in the Pearl of the Antilles around the middle of the century, but I can not think of returning to my homeland under the present circumstances. The phrase Pearl of the Antilles was reportedly coined by a European artist whose 1873 book of illustrations bears the title "The Pearl of the Antilles.

Even though probably the most famous one, is just one of many praising names given to this Caribbean island: Being the largest in the region, it offers the most natural resources and is considered to be the most beautiful. Also, it's a geographical position made it the best location to launch expeditions to Spain.

I am not alone and I know there are others who feel the same and for various reasons, but I can only speak for myself. Regardless of which language you speak, here is popular music which may provide a clue *

Yes, my homeland is Cuba and I was born and lived in Habana, the Capital. From there, my family left to never return.

The five tickets to paradise for my mother, father, and two older brothers changed our lives for the better and forever. I am blessed by the opportunities afforded to me by this great nation as an immigrant and that I was able to excel and learn English after failing as often as I did, while always being encouraged to try again. 

I am very proud of the children and grandkids who have grown up with good values and principles and will continue to tell the story of their parents and grandparents. I'm also very proud to be the youngest son of Margarita By Antonio J Soto. 

I'm humbled to have served this great nation at a time in which it was called upon me to do so as a federal government USIA administrator for President George HW Bush.