From Who He Was To Whatever It Is

Submitted by ub on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 09:24

Honest Abe's Republican Party of Lincoln represented decency, morality, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, honesty, and empathy. However, after four long and difficult years, the GOP has devolved and deteriorated into lies, hate, and political suffocation. Trump began his campaign riding a downward escalator and it has been that way ever since. How low can he go with misinformation and more than 20K lies, as he now finishes with death and destruction, the likes of which we have never seen before?

As a former US Government Manager Grade 15 and Level 10 for the last real Republican administration of President George HW Bush, who had excellent qualifications and a resume to match, I hope he would understand my decision to vote Democrat. After casting my ballot, I opened up a bag of orange Cheetos and a cold Colt 45 to celebrate that rare feeling of satisfaction that I usually can’t get with a normal reaction. American voters must cast their ballots to remove the tumor from the government, we refer to as #Cult45 and the orange cheese puff from our White House that we so often see wasting time on the golf course.

This an out of shape, stumbling, decrepit, fake liar is no longer capable of acjnoledging reality and continues to say that voting by mail is proving to be full of problems across this great nation. But the surge in early votes has mostly been managed smoothly, according to reliable sources from the good folks at  #APFactCheck

The heartless, illegal actions of contempt are listed above. They include family separations where attorneys cannot seem to find the parents of hundreds of migrant children who were separated from their families under the Trump criminal enterprise.

It appears to us that Trump managed to get himself elected by claiming he loves the USA and wants to make America great, but by now we all know it is whatever it is. He has treasonously embraced Putin’s agenda for beloved country, bartered our children’s future to make money for his family and cronies, has  shown contempt not only for our long standing allies, but for Americans of other races, and has undermined religious beliefs by his despicable actions. He does not love our country or respect his fellow Americans. And, in fact,  he has shown little love for his own children or his current and former wives by pursuing sex with other women and trying to cover up his behavior.

Finally,  Trump has shown a total disrespect for our military and has shown he lacks even an ounce of humility. He had the audacity to compare himself to President Lincoln by claiming he’s done just as much for African Americans.  He isn being sarcastic, as he likes to claim, and he isn’t kidding us. He really does take US for suckers.

#VOTE - Then take a deep breath and let’s not allow this mental midget continue to pollute our minds. We hope this leads us home again. We can do this. 🇺🇸  His theatrics and golf instead of working of governing to deliver on his empty promises.The corruption, greed, gaslighting, hate and his incompetence. American voters should be  mad as hell and show him we cannot take this more.