Gallagher Hospitalized

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Longtime City Islander “mussel sucker” Virginia Gallagher, who is best known on City Island for her devotion to the retirees at Pilot Cove Manor, fell down there, broke her hip, was rushed and operated at Jacobi Hospital. fell

Virginia tells CITY IMAGES that she is in a lot of pain but wants to go home. Virginia is and has always been a real trooper. She took over the Presidency of the City Island Senior Citizens Residence, which had been trying for some time to build senior citizen housing on City Island.

After patience and determination, she secured Federal and State funding to purchase the property next to Consolidated Shipyard and made Pilot Cove Manor a reality back in 1981.

Her management and people skills have improved the quality of life for countless individuals. She is praying and we invite all of you to join us in wishing her all the best.

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Oh no! I hope you are feeling better with each day. No wonder you haven't been answering any of my emails.
Love you, Linda and John❤️

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UPDATE Virginia thanks everyone for their support. She tells CITY IMAGES she's praying her rosary and tells me she feels good, the pain is starting to go away and hopes to be out today. Virginia Contact 718 975 5736

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Hi Virginia

So sorry to hear of your accident. I know it's not easy to keep a good woman down. Please be patient, stay strong and keep the faith. Feel better and hope recovery comes quickly.

Love Joanne Conte

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If not for Virginia the garbage dump along the south side of Pelham Parkway East, closed many years but still an eyesore, would have been situated on the north side adjoining Co-Op City and the Village of Baychester. Virginia had this bad idea stopped in its tracks. She has been a real pioneer for Community District 10. Virginia, rest and get well soon.

Sally Fassler
Co -Op City Resident

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I then went over to Jackie Kyle's house, so the two ladies could speak via cell phone. I listened and laughed while these old friends enjoyed a light-hearted conversation.

Tried to explain that according to analytics, Virginia's unfortunate accident announcement has been seen by thousands of eyeballs and that everyone wishes her a speedy recovery.

Virginia enjoys visits and if you can't get there, then give her a call. 718 975 5827