Giveth and Taketh Away

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I pity the fool who votes for The Donald. Can you imagine Trump's America where it's legal to grope any woman, punch any Latino, Muslim or Jew and learning Russian is mandatory?

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If Trump is elected, could I combine all of them and punch a muslim latino in the pussy while reciting Stalin quotes? Been drinking a little?

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Maher slams mainstream media election coverage: ‘It’s not funny anymore. Media — do your f*cking job’ #RealTime

The Lord Gave and the Lord Hath Taken Away is a Bible quote found in the book of Job.

So it is fitting to note that it was the media which made The Donald a celebrity and he has now turned on the same hand that feeds him.
What is Donald Trump's Plan for Trump TV? | The Closer with Keith Olberm... via @YouTube

Can you imagine what Trump will do for the faithful followers who still believe in him and plans to vote for him? How many people has he managed to insult and how promises have been broken over the past year alone? #TRUMPTAXES...ETC.

Remember the Pilgrims arrived at these shores illegally and since the 1700's when Journal of Occurrences propelled colonists toward the American revolution, through 2016, journalists have failed to truly analyze and explain how we got into this mess?

The Fourth Estate has been a central force of how this great nation has evolved. Journalists and news organizations have facilitated social movement and landmark events that shaped our democratic system and our country's history. Now, the late night comics do all the heavy lifting.

The media keeps using its influence as a positive force, but not always. However, one thing is clear in the days of pack journalism, telling it like it is sometimes means standing alone.

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