Global Cyberattcks

Submitted by ub on Mon, 05/15/2017 - 09:20

Global security warfare and a worldwide cyber attack of ransomware have spread to thousands of computers as people log in at work, disrupting business, schools, hospitals and daily life.

This is the reportedly largest cyber attack ever seen and hackers of NSA malware are the culprits. Computers shut down over the weekend may be harboring a virulent ransomware virus ready to attack as a new workweek begins.

A “WannaCry” malware crippled more than 20% of hospitals in the United Kingdom and affected more than 200,000 victims in as many as 150 countries, according to Europol law enforcement.

The software spreads among Windows computers and infects, then locks up individual machines, demanding a ransom to be paid in the electronic currency Bitcoin. The attack mostly impacted computers in Europe and Asia but so far has spared North America.

A computer security expert managed to blunt the attack, but the virus was changed over the weekend and could be poised to expand an already “unprecedented” international attack.