Go Away - IRENE

Submitted by ub on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 17:17

Hurricane Irene could turn into a major storm with winds above 110 mph if it reaches the Southeast U.S. coast, the U.S. National Hurricane Center warned Monday as the people of Puerto Rico began cleaning up and those in the Dominican Republic get geared up.

Puerto Ricans woke up this morning to flooded streets following the overnight passage of Hurricane Irene, which was moving just north of the Dominican Republic as a Category 1.

The first hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic season flooded streets, knocked down trees throughout PR, she caused several rivers to overflow their banks and left over a million Puerto Ricans without electric power. There were no immediate reports of any deaths.

PR Governor Luis Fortuno said the worst-hit area was the east coast of the island, from the cities of Fajardo to Yabucoa, and he had asked U.S. government officials to declare Puerto Rico a disaster area, so the island can get access to emergency funds.