Good Night and Good Luck

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Happy Birthday and RIP Edward R Murrow Egbert Roscoe Murrow was born on April 25, 1908 – and died on April 27, 1965. Murrow was an American broadcast journalist and war correspondent, who gained prominence during World War II with a series of CBS live radio broadcasts during the war he recruited and worked closely with a team of war correspondents who came to be known as the Murrow Boys.

A pioneer news broadcaster, Murrow produced See It Now which helped lead to the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Fellow journalists Eric Sevareid, Ed Bliss, Bill Downs, Dan Rather, and Alexander Kendrick and this humble servant consider Murrow one of journalism's greatest figures. His honesty and integrity were unequaled in delivering the news.
Good Night and Good Luck...The Story of Edward R. Murrow (1975)

Once Murrow confronted US Senator McCarthy, he was also battling with Roy Cohn, who later taught POTUS the same tricks Cohn used his mob connections to smooth Trump’s relations with construction unions and inked a stingy prenuptial agreement with Trump’s first wife, Ivana as well as leaned on city politicians to favor Trump deals for Atlantic City favors.

Roy Cohn was Trump's friend and consigliere RoyCohen2Nick1

RC Time Get Me Roger Stone segment on Roy Cohn

Citizen Roy Cohn, Noriega's Drug-Running Friends, And Butler Silent Bro...

Murrow's 1959 interview with Fidel who was also a habitual liar as you may know, Fidelity, we're told recently killed himself before his uncle Raul retired and gave his place to a non-Castro.