Goodbye and good riddance, July 2016

Submitted by ub on Sun, 07/31/2016 - 09:02

It’s summertime in many parts of the world, and July happens to be one of the most event-filled months.
it is said that July is unlucky for weddings, but this one was unlucky for more than couples. And this long hot summer is not over yet, folks!

While many businesses begin attracting end of the year sales, this past month brought the world death, destruction, and disasters. July 2016 will be remembered as a month that continuously stunned the people of the world with multiple shocking events.

Americans celebrated another year of independence, but the view was different depending on which side of the fence one chooses to stand on and be counted. There was a full moon and that always brings out the crazy side in many.

Tragedy hit Texas with sniper shootings which killed five Dallas police officers. The Bastille Day terror attack in France soon followed, leaving 84 dead and dozens injured in Nice. The world watched in fear as an unsuccessful attempted military coup in Turkey unfolded, which resulted in a massive media crackdown.

Great Britain saw Prime Minister David Cameron leave Downing Street after six years in office and got a second female Prime Minister as well as a new government.

Two political unconventional conventions showed US democracy has lots of dysfunctional issues to sort out.

In Austin, Texas there was yet another shooting that left one woman dead and several others injured. Meanwhile, Congress keeps bowing to NRA pressures insisting that assault rifles are used for hunting. Hunting whom?

In Asia, China's cyber-censorship leaders have shown little interest in allowing an honest accounting of the South China Sea case, as the communist nations of Russia and PRC, are entering a new cold war with the USA.

On a positive note and in male-dominated Japan, a rising sunny side up for female politicians as a new governor emerges for Tokyo.

The Zika outbreak, Southern California's drought sparked an uncontrollable inferno, Pokemon invented a way for many to go with the flow. ISIS killers attacks included a priest who was simply offering mass.
16 tourists died in hot air balloon crash in Central Texas. Bookworms have once again gone nuts over another Harry Potter classic and my beloved City Island neighborhood mourned a life shot down too short. The world says... Hasta la vista to the video cassette recorder.

Did we forget to include anything? Please feel free to post below. And July has still not officially ended, not until midnight tonight!