Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/06/2015 - 09:36

Tonight's GOP debate will allow each Republican candidate to utilize their hidden persuaders and say whatever is necessary to bait and possibly switch their promises, just the same as Democrats and all politicians have done in the past.

Ten Republican candidates participate in the first moderated debate of the 2016 election at 9P on Fox News. The Fox controversy began when the 17-person candidate field was limited to 10. in aphabeticak order, they are BushCarsonChristieCruzHuckabeeKasichPaulRubioTrumpWalker. A decision that was based on premature political polls. Fox has agreed that the remaining candidates may participate in an additional 5P "Happy Hour"

Keep in mind that the election calendar continues to shrink, while the political candidates' lies from all sides of the aisle continue to grow. As the gloves come off, we'll call tonight's The Bait: Chasing Cleveland.

Some say that limiting tonight's debate is a disservice to the American electorate, we say it's never been about service, its about manipulating the public through the media by using their hidden persuaders with the bait.

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