GOP Breakup NOW

Submitted by ub on Wed, 05/19/2021 - 08:51

How long will Grand Old Piggies continue their false smear of a fear campaign against the #USA election they legally lost last Fall?

Hollywood loves happy endings, but even the most idealistic among us know they don't always last in real life. Sometimes, the happy ending is just the beginning of a larger story that winds down with someone, somewhere uncontrollably weeping.

A series of exaggerated battles give way to a bittersweet dramedy about the damage that can't be undone, even between people who believed in each other once but no longer can not. 

If you are seeking to be entertained and are in search of something to mend your broken heart, or at least to distract you from the pain for just a little while, we have the following.

For those Democracy loving Americans, including #Republicans who will break away with the destructive heartbreak of the disintegrating @GOP, #CityImages is offering you a few of the best breakup movies to mend a shattered #American political heart.