GOP Civics Survey

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/21/2021 - 05:50

Americans need to face reality and know the real truth about our election outcome to save our USA Democracy and way of life.

The GOP is a counter-majoritarian and counter-factual, as with its claims of voter fraud. The conflict with honest journalism is structural. City Images invites our readers to reach out to their Republican representatives and demand to know where they stand one month after the inauguration?

GOP statements and news media reports suggest that most Republican Party members, with only a small number of exceptions, have no interest in repudiating the Big Lie told about the election and many members have continued to enable. Have they lost their heads?

Meanwhile, suspects charged in the #capitolriot are now trying to shift blame to Trump and the right-wing media claiming they lied.

Once they respond to you, please share it with us via email or snail mail 147 City island Station NYC, NY #10464