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The Republican 118th United States Congress, which began on January 3, 2023, and will end on January 3, 2025 is really failing.

It has enacted 51 public laws and zero private laws. In contrast with previous Congresses, which generally enacted their first laws no later than January or February, the 118th Congress's first law was enacted on March 20.

Republicans are at each others throats as US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tried and failed miserably to remove GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The Congresswoman’s long-shot effort was swiftly rejected by Democrats and Republicans who are tired of the bipartisan political chaos being fomented by the so-called GrandcOld Party, whic has a slight majority in Congress.

These 9 MAGA REPUBLICANS VOTED WITH MOSCOW MARJORIE TAYLOR GREEN (TP-Q-GA) TO OUST THE GOP SPEAKER: Andy Biggs Az, Eric Burlison MO, Eli Crane AZ, Warren Davidson OH, Paul A. Gosar AZ, Thomas Massie KY, Alex Mooney Wv, Barry Moore AL, Chip Roy TX and Victoria Spartz IN. 

Elected to a two-year term, each representative serves the people of a specific congressional district by introducing bills and serving on committees, among other duties.

GOP Pays the Price for Booting Kevin McCarthy.…

House votes to block Greene’s effort to oust Johnson from speakership…