GOP Political Humiliation

Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 08:45

Do you recall that Trump refused to participate in the second televised debate on #ABC and then went on to secure a TV Town Hall with #NBC, which carried it on not one network, but three? He said he would humiliate #JoeBiden with the ratings, as three networks would surely garner more viewers than one. WRONG. He was humiliated and has not said another word.

Now he is saying that when he loses the election, he will leave the country. Do we wonder where he will wander off to, Russia or North Korea? 

More than an hour into yet another rambling #CamPain rally, Trump predicted a loss in the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

“Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life—what am I going to do? I’m going to say, I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics! I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”

Few enjoy humiliating others more than Donald Trump who told his #Twitter followers to check out a sex tape; who then suggested fat boy Chris Christie should stop eating Oreos and forced him to assume the role of a doting butler, as usual, these people can dole it out but can not take it, therefore fewer fat old washed up turds take humiliation as personally as he does.

His perverse sense of satisfaction from humiliating his opponents like the heirs of the two great political dynasties from the last four decades, The Bush and Clinton Families. He made his humiliations as personal as possible, and the sheer number of people belittled, debased, and embarrassed in the crossfire was breathtaking.

Humiliation is a form of embarrassment and the abasement of pride, which creates mortification or leads to a state of being humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission. It is an emotion felt by a person whose social status, either by force or willingly, has just decreased. It can be brought about through intimidation, physical or mental mistreatment or trickery, or by embarrassment, if a person is revealed to have F-ed Up Bigly.

How much lower will he go between now and the time he leaves for a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the USA? As a fifth-grader would say, “it’s up for me to know and for you to find out.”

Meanwhile. we have designed a news aggregator that allows Trump stories to be excluded for your reading pleasure.