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The party of Lincoln may become the party of Trump. According to a Marist Poll, The Donald is the clear Republican leader, as Bush and Walker Plummet in Iowa and New Hampshire Meanwhile Democrat Hillary Clinton stumbles, and Sanders emerges.

This featured, national poll on Politics in the 2016 race for the White House, shows businessman Donald Trump leading his Republican rivals indicates this in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump has improved his standing among potential Republican voters in both crucial GOP contests. In Iowa, Trump, 29%, leads the crowded GOP field, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, 22%, assumes second place. Dr. Carson is the favorite “second choice” among potential GOP voters. Trump, 28%, also takes the top spot in New Hampshire where he outpaces Ohio Governor John Kasich, 12%, and Dr. Carson, 11%, by double digits among the state’s potential Republican electorate. Carson is also the preferred “second choice” in New Hampshire.

However, the picture is bleaker for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Walker, who topped the Iowa leader-board in the July NBC News/Marist Poll with 19%, now receives only single-digit support, 5%, as does Bush, 6%, who placed third in that previous survey with 12%. In New Hampshire, support for Bush and Walker has also fallen among the potential GOP electorate.

On the Democratic side, the race for the presidential nomination has undergone a major upheaval. While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Sanders by 11 points, 48% to 37%, among the potential Democratic electorate in Iowa, Clinton’s lead has narrowed from 29 points in July. The tables have turned for Clinton in New Hampshire where Sanders has surpassed her, 49% to 38%. Clinton previously had a 13 point lead over Sanders.

What would happen if Vice President Joe Biden decides to enter the race? Clinton and Sanders maintain their respective leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, and Biden places third. However, in Iowa, Biden has doubled his support, 20% from 10%, since the previous NBC News/Marist Poll in the state. His support is also up to 16% from 12% in New Hampshire.

And, looking at the general election, Clinton now loses to Bush in both states, trails Trump in Iowa, and runs evenly with him in New Hampshire. In contrast, Vice President Joe Biden is more competitive against Bush and leads Trump in both states.

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