Submitted by ub on Sat, 05/21/2016 - 09:42

For our children, most of whom we have had the pleasure of welcoming in our classes over the years, a well-deserved and our most sincere congratulations.

That bell has rung to end the final round of your bout with higher education. You may be tired, and bruised, but you are still standing. You did it, Kudos!!!

As colleges and universities hold ceremonies across this great nation, let's reflect on students at all institutions of higher learning along the eastern seaboard, the west coast, and Midwest, who have shared knowledge and gained wisdom.

Now that you are graduating, it's not only a big deal for you and your family, but also for those of us who have watched you grow, learning about the constantly changing media landscape. Remember that promotions must always be earned.

Go out to conquer and improve this wonderful world... See you later, gladiator!

I wish I was with you to celebrate, but I am on medical leave following emergency surgeries and therefore unable to physically make it. However, I'm with you in spirit. *