Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/13/2012 - 21:14

The takeaway is about offering to help others during their time of need. As Hurricane Sandy came storming in to cause death, destruction and affecting millions. Many have been displaced, their houses are gone, family memories washed away and power has still not been restored. In addition, some schools are not open, with students left out out in the cold.

Hurricane Sandy can teach US a lesson in what is important. State assessments, mandatory curriculum, and for a few days even the election took a back seat to the devastation that played out all across the eastern seaboard.

The first question is often, what can do to help? Plenty, this opportunity opens the door for educators to teach the values of public service and the importance of helping others during a time of great need. These are the moments when those of us who are fortunate to be in great schools get to see all people come together.

Thousands of schools will come together to donate money, books, supplies and other resources. Perhaps they'll do a community walk, a bake sale, a hat day or a week long food drive. The important thing is that they help. The university where I'm president has started short-term and long term plans to help out those in need.

As much as it's vitally important to provide assistance now, these individuals will need help for many months to come. We need to be public servants and help those affected by natural disasters.