Grievanceburg Address?

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Trumped again... He is stupid and has no common sense. The wrong place to make threats.

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Say what you will about Trump, but he is by far the most handsome man to run for president. That's what a real man is supposed to look like, created in God's image for sure.

The Donald went to Gettysburg PA and delivered a speech that was less like Lincoln's address and more like the whining and complaints we have all heard all too often. A Gettysburg Kvetch or Grievanceburg Address.

@realDonaldTrump's Contract with the American Voter was delivered in hollowed ground in Pennsylvania#Gettysburg #DrainTheSwamp.

Trump's lawsuit threat against accusers overshadows agenda…

Trump uses policy speech to attack media, promises to sue accusers

CNN's Acosta: Trump Speech Sounded More Like ‘Grievanceburg Address’ Than Gettysburg…

Trump rails against media, tweaks border wall plank in #Gettysburg speech

A different sort of Gettysburg address: Trump steps on his policy message, says he’ll sue his accusers.

The GOP has turned on him and the voters will have their big opportunity on election day. Although his family is still sticking with him, they certainly do not want to crash with dad.