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Super athletes in the world of sport are mostly males, though many women sports figures deserve hero status, and inspire others to participate in sports. The following is a short female hero list, with Billie Jean King rated among the highest so far.

Tennis: Billie Jean King, Serena and Venus Williams, Steffi Graf, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova.
Golf: Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie, Nancy Lopez.
IndyCar: Danica Partrick.
Track and Field - Wilma Rudolph (considered the fastest woman in the world in the 1960s, competed in 1956 and 1960 Olympic Games), Cathy Freeman (Australian Aboriginal 400m runner, winner of gold medal in Sydney 2000), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (won 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals over 4 consecutive Olympic Games), Florence Griffith Joyner (Flo Jo).
Soccer - Mia Hamm.
Figure Skating - Sonja Henie.
Gymnastics - Nadia Comaneci.
Speed Skating - Bonnie Blair.

To view a list of Sports Illustrated Top 100 Female Athletes:

According to other published reports, there is no shortage of female super-heroins. In fact, the following Wikipedia entry provides a long list of female superheroes in comics, television, film, and other media.

Each character's name is followed by the publisher's name in parentheses; those from television or movies have their program listed in square brackets, and those in both comic books and other media appear in parentheses.


Mint Aizawa (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Momoko Akatsutsumi (Cartoon Network)
Alisha (Misfits)
Alexandra/Alex (Totally Spies)
Alice (Resident Evil series)
Amber (Eclipse Comics)
American Dream (Marvel Comics-MC2)
American Maid (The Tick)
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld (DC Comics)
Andromeda (DC Comics)
Andromeda (Marvel Comics)
Angela (Image Comics)
Aquagirl (DC Comics)
Samus Aran Metroid
Argent (DC Comics)
Arisia, the Green Lantern of Graxos IV (DC Comics)
Arrowette (DC Comics)
Artemis of Bana-Mighdall (DC Comics)
Atom Eve (Image)
Atomic Betty (television series title character)
Aurora (Marvel Comics)
Avengelyne (various)


B.Orchid (Killer Instinct)
Ballistic (Cyberforce member) (Top Cow)
Barb Wire
Barbarella (V-Magazine)
Batgirl (DC Comics)
Battle Angel Alita (Shueisha)
Batwoman (DC Comics)
Beautiful Dreamer (DC Comics)
Bella Donna (Marvel Comics)
Belphegor (DC Comics)
Big Barda (DC Comics)
Big Bertha (comics) (Marvel Comics)
The Bionic Woman (Ima)
Binary (Marvel Comics)
Vera Black (aka Sister Superior) (DC Comics)
Black Canary (DC Comics)
Black Cat[1] (Harvey Comics)
Black Cat (Marvel Comics)
Black Cherry X (2000 AD)
Black Orchid (DC Comics)
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
Black Widow (Timely Comics)
Blacklight (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Blink (Marvel Comics)
Blitzkrieg (Antarctic Press)
Bloom (Winx Club)
Blonde Phantom (Marvel Comics)
Blossom (Cartoon Network)
Bluestreak (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Boodikka (Green Lantern Corps) (DC Comics)
Boom Boom (Marvel Comics)
Bounty (Marvel)
Brandy (Image Comics)
Bubbles (Cartoon Network)
Buff (Marvel Comics)
Bulleteer (DC Comics)
Bulletgirl (see Bulletman and Bulletgirl) (DC Comics)
Bumblebee (DC Comics)
Buttercup (Cartoon Network)
Burnout (Eclipse Comics)


Callisto (Marvel Comics)
Captain Confederacy (Marvel Comics)
Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
Captain Universe (Marvel Comics)
Lenore Castle (Powerline) (Marvel-Shadowline)[citation needed]
The Cat (Marvel Comics)
Cat Claw (Malibu comics)
Catwoman (DC comics)
Celsius (DC Comics)
Cerise (Marvel Comics)
Chance (Marvel Comics)
Chandrika (Raj comics)
Chase (DC Comics)
Abbey Chase (see Danger Girl)
Chastity (Chaos Comics)
Choice (Marvel - Ultraverse)
Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
Cimarron (Eclipse comics)
Cinnamon (DC Comics)
Circuit Breaker (Transformers)
Clea (Marvel Comics)
Cleopatra (Astro City)
Clover (Totally Spies)
Clobber Girl (Simpsons)
Clobberella (Futurama)
Coagula (DC Comics)
Cobweb (America's Best Comics)
Colt (AC Comics)[1]
Comet Queen (DC Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes)
Copycat (DC-Wildstorm)
Copycat (Marvel Comics)
Anya Corazon (Marvel Comics)
Crane (Bon Comics)
Crazy Jane (DC Comics)
Crimson Avenger III (DC Comics)
Crimson Curse (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Crimson Fox (DC Comics)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Crystal (Marvel Comics)
Cutey Honey (title character)
Cybergirl (title character)
Cyblade (Top Cow)
Cyclone (DC Comics)


Dagger (Marvel Comics)
Darkstar (Marvel Comics)
Darna (Mango Comics)
Dart (DC Comics)
Dart (Image-Highbrow Ent)
Dawn (Sirius Comics)
Dawnstar (DC Comics)
Dazzler (Marvel Comics)
Dead Girl (Marvel Comics)
Karolina Dean (Marvel Comics)
Deathcry (Marvel Comics)
Debrii (Marvel Comics)
Deep Blue (DC Comics)
Destiny (Marvel Comics)
Devi (Virgin Comics)
Diamond (Blink Comics)
Diamond Lil (Marvel Comics)
Diamondback (Marvel Comics)
Brittany Diggers (Antarctic)
Diva (DC-Wildstorm)
Doctor Light (DC Comics)
Doctor Midnight (DC Comics)
Doll Girl (DC Comics)
Dolphin (DC Comics)
Domino (Marvel Comics)
Domino Lady (Pulps)
Dove as Dawn Granger (DC Comics)
Dragona (Mars Ravelo's)
Dragonfly (AC Comics)
Dream Girl (DC Comics)
Duck-Girl (Bon Comics)
Dumb Bunny (DC Comics)
Dusk (Marvel Comics)
Dust (Marvel Comics)
Dyna Girl (Krofft)
Dynamite Girl (Antarctic Press)


Echo (Marvel Comics)
Elasti-Girl (DC Comics)
Elastigirl/Mrs.Incredible (The Incredibles)
Electra Woman (Krofft)
Elektra (Marvel Comics)
Empress (DC)
Energizer (from Power Pack) (Marvel)
The Engineer II (DC - Wildstorm)


Fairchild (DC/Wildstorm)
Faith (DC Comics)
Fallen Angel (DC Comics)
Fantomette (Collection Rose)
Fathom (one of the Elementals, Comico Comics)
Fathom (Aspen Comics)
Feral (Marvel)
Fever (DC Comics)
Fire (DC Comics)
Firebird (Marvel Comics)
Firestar (Marvel Comics)
Flaberella ( the simpsons)
Flamebird III-V (DC Comics)
Flash (Just Imagine...) (DC Comics)
Flash (Tangent) (DC Comics)
Fleur-de-Lis (DC Comics)
Flint (WS)
Flora (Winx Club)
Forerunner (DC Comics)
Pudding Fong (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Free Spirit (Marvel Comics)
Freefall (DC-Wildstorm)
Tara Fremont (AC comics)
Adrienne Frost (Marvel Comics)
Emma Frost (Marvel Comics)
Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Fury I (DC Comics)
Fury II (DC Comics)


Gamora (Marvel Comics)
Ganymede (Marvel Comics)
Garganta (AC comics)
Ghost (Dark Horse Comics)
Glitter (Marvel - New Universe)
Glory (various)
Gloss (DC Comics)
Godiva (DC Comics)
Miyako Goutokuji (Cartoon Network)
Grace (DC Comics)
Graphics Girl (Amy Scutter)
Gravity Girl (Birdman and the Galaxy Trio)
Max Guevara (from live-action TV show Dark Angel)
Gypsy (DC Comics)
Green Lantern (DC Comics)
Green Arrow (DC Comics)


Halo (DC Comics)
Harbinger (DC Comics)
Hawk as Holly Granger and Sasha Martens (DC Comics)
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) (Marvel Comics)
Hawkgirl (DC Comics)
Hawkwoman (DC Comics)
Molly Hayes (Marvel Comics)
Hellcat (Marvel Comics)
Satana Hellstrom (Marvel Comics)
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Hepzibah (Marvel Comics)
Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)
Horridus (Image-Highbrow Ent)
Heather Hudson, formerly Sasquatch, Exiles member (Marvel Comics)
Huntara (Marvel Comics)
Huntress (DC Comics)


Ice (DC Comics)
Icemaiden (DC Comics)
Indigo (DC Comics)
Infragirl (Tomorrow Syndicate member) (Image Comics)
Insect Queen (DC Comics)
Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics)
Natasha Irons (DC Comics)
Isis (DC Comics)
Ichigo Momomomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)


Jack Phantom (America's Best Comics)
Jade (DC)
Jann of the Jungle (Marvel Comics)
Jayna (DC Comics)
Jet (DC Comics)
Jet (Wildstorm)
Jem and the Holograms (Hasbro)
Jocasta (Marvel Comics)
Jolt (Marvel Comics)
Jessica Jones (aka Jewel and Knightress) (Marvel Comics)
Rhea Jones (aka Lodestone) (DC Comics)
Joystick (Marvel Comics)
Jubilee (Marvel Comics)
Judomaster III (DC Comics)
Jungle Girl (various)
Jarella (Huk)


Jennifer Kale (Marvel Comics)
Bette Kane (DC Comics)
Nova Kane (First)
Karatecha (Kiss Comics)
Karma (Marvel Comics)
Kasumi (aka Batgirl) (Cassandra Cain) (DC Comics)
Katana (DC Comics)
Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) (Television)
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games - Books)
Kendra Young (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Kelly (Misfits)
Laurel Kent (DC Comics)
Kid Flash (Iris West) (DC Comics)
Kinetix (DC Comics)
Kismet (Marvel Comics)
Misty Knight (Marvel Comics)
Knockout (DC Comics)
Kole (DC Comics)
KOS-MOS (Heroine of the Xenosaga series)
Kratha (Virgin Comiffcs)
Kristin (Comics Interview)
Krystala (ABS-CBN Television)
Kumori (Aftermath)
Kitty (Wolverine And The X-Men DVD Series)


Lady Blackhawk (DC Comics)
Lady Death (Chaos Comics)
Lady Luck The Spirit Section
Ladyhawk (Marvel Comic)
La Lunatica (Marvel Comics)
Lavagirl (Sharkboy and Lavagirl)
Layla (Winx Club)
Layla (Sky High)
Juniper Lee (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)
Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Liberty Belle (DC Comics)
Lightning Lass (a.k.a. Light Lass, Gossamer, Spark) (DC Comics)
Lightspeed (from Power Pack) (Marvel Comics)
Little Mermaid (DC Comics)
Looker (DC Comics)
Loria (see Blood Pack (comics) version) (DC Comics)
Lyja (aka Lazerfist and Ms. Fantastic) (Marvel Comics)(Marvel-MC2)


M (Marvel Comics)
Madame .44 (DC Comics)[2]
Madame Mirage (Top Cow Productions)
Madame Xanadu (DC Comics)
The Magdalena (Top Cow Productions)
Magdalene (Marvel Comics)
Magik (Marvel Comics)
Magma (Marvel Comics)
Maiden Justice
Manhunter (Kate Spencer) (DC Comics)
Manitou Dawn (DC Comics)
Marionette (see Micronauts) (Marvel Comics)
Marrina (Marvel Comics)
Marrow (Marvel Comics)
Marvel Girl (Marvel Comics)
Mary Marvel (DC Comics)
Masada (see Youngblood) (various)
Matilda (Matilda from the Roald Dahl series)
Kaoru Matsubara (Cartoon Network)
Aspen Matthews (Aspen Comics)
Maxima (DC Comics)
Maximum Ride (novel series and manga)
Maya (DC Comics)
Medusa (Marvel Comics)
Meggan (Marvel Comics)
The Menagerie (DC Comics)
Mera (DC Comics)
Anna Mercury
Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks (DC Comics)
Lynn Michaels (a.k.a. "Lady Punisher") (Marvel Comics)
Lettuce Midorikawa (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Mighty B
Nico Minoru (Marvel Comics)
Mirage (DC Comics)
Miss America (DC Comics)
Miss America (Marvel Comics)
Miss Fury[3]
Miss Martian (DC Comics)
Miss Pell (Dexter's Laboratory)
Mockingbird (Marvel Comics)
Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Moondragon (Marvel Comics)
Musa (Winx Club)
Moonstar (Marvel Comics)
Moonstone (Marvel Comics)
Monstress (DC Comics)
Mother-One (see Wetworks) (DC-Wildstorm)
Motormouth (Marvel Comics)
Ms. Liberty (Antarctic Press)
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) (see also Binary and Warbird) (Marvel Comics)
Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) (see also She-Thing) (Marvel Comics)
Ms. Mystic (originally Pacific Comics, then Continuity Comics)
Ms. Victory


Namora (Marvel Comics)
Namorita (Marvel Comics)
Negative Woman (DC Comics)
Nelvana of the Northern Lights (Hillborough Studio)
Nemesis (Marvel Comics)
Nemesis II (DC Comics)
Neon Queen (Mystery Inc. member) (Image Comics)
Night Girl (DC Comics)
Nightcat (Marvel Comics)
Nightshade (DC Comics)
Nightstar (DC Comics)
Nightveil (AC comics)
Nikki (Marvel Comics)
Niobe (The Matrix)
Nocturne (Marvel Comics)


Angel O'Day (see Angel and the Ape) (DC Comics)
Scarlet O'Neil (Newspaper Strip)
Aleta Ogord (see also Starhawk) (Marvel Comics)
Onyx (DC Comics)
Oracle (DC Comics)
Oracle (The Matrix)
Owlwoman (DC Comics)


Pantha (DC Comics)
Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
Penance (Marvel Comics)
Phantom Girl a.k.a. Apparition (DC Comics)
Phantom Lady
Phoenix (Marvel Comics)
Photon (Marvel Comics)
Pilgrim (see Wetworks) (DC-Wildstorm)
Pink Ranger (Power Rangers)
Pixie (Marvel Comics)
Polaris (as Overdrive) (Marvel Comics)
Poison Ivy (from the comic series)
Kim Possible (from the self-titled cartoon series)
Power Girl (DC Comics)
Power Princess (Marvel Comics)
The Powerpuff Girls
Princess (Gatchaman; Battle of the Planets)
Princess Projectra a.k.a. Sensor (DC Comics)
Princess Kakyuu (Tokyopop)
Promethea (America's Best Comics)
Psylocke (Marvel Comics)


Jenny Quantum (DC - Wildstorm)
Queen Hippolyta (DC Comics)
Queen of Swords
Jesse Quick (DC Comics)


Rad (AC comics)
Rainbow (Eclipse Comics)
Rainbow Brite (Hallmark comics)
Rainmaker (DC-Wildstorm)
Rampage (DC Comics)
Raptor (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Rapture (Image-Highbrow Ent)
Rapture (Transformers)
Raven (DC Comics)
Raven (Teen Titans)
Red Guardian (Marvel Comics)
Red Sonja (Marvel Comics)
Red Tornado (All-American Comics)
Rescue (Marvel Comics)
Revanche (Marvel Comics)
Cecilia Reyes (Marvel Comics)
Ellen Ripley (Alien series)
Riptide (see Youngblood version) (various)
Robin as Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelly.
Rocket (DC Comics)
Rogue (Marvel Comics)
Ronin (Marvel Comics)
Roxy (Winx Club)
Rose and Thorn II (DC Comics)
Rose Tattoo (DC - Wildstorm)
Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Sabra (Marvel Comics)
Sage (Marvel Comics)
Sailor Jupiter (Tokyopop)
Sailor Mars (Tokyopop)
Sailor Mercury (Tokyopop)
Sailor Moon (Tokyopop)
Sailor Neptune (Tokyopop)
Sailor Pluto (Tokyopop)
Sailor Saturn (Tokyopop)
Sailor Uranus (Tokyopop)
Sailor Venus (Tokyopop)
Sailor Star Fighter (Tokyopop)
Sailor Star Healer (Tokyopop)
Sailor Star Maker (Tokyopop)
Sailor Chibi Moon (Tokyopop)
Sailor Quartet: Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno (Tokyopop)
Sakura Kinomoto (Tokyopop)
Saturn Girl (DC Comics)
Savant (DC-Wildstorm)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)
Scorpion (Carmilla Black), (Marvel Comics)
Secret (DC Comics)
Amanda Sefton (Marvel Comics)
Selene (Underworld)
Sepulchre (Marvel Comics)
Sersi (Marvel Comics)
Shadow Hunter (Virgin Comics)
Shadow Lass a.k.a. Umbra (DC Comics)
Shadowcat (Marvel Comics)
Shakti (comics) (Raj Comics)
Shamrock (Marvel Comics)
Shanna the She Devil (Marvel Comics)
Violet Song jat Shariff (Ultraviolet)
She-Dragon (Image Comics-Highbrow Ent)
She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
She-Hulk (Lyra) (Marvel Comics)
She-Ra She-Ra: Princess of Power
She-Thing (Marvel Comics)
She-Venom (Marvel Comics)
Sheena (Wags)
Liz Sherman (Dark Horse, Hellboy)
Shi (Crusade)
Shikari (DC Comics)
Shining Knight (Ystina) (DC Comics)
Shrinking Violet (DC Comics)
Sif (Marvel Comics)
Silhouette (Marvel Comics)
Silk Spectre (DC Comics)
Silver Fox (Marvel Comics)
Silver Sable (Marvel Comics)
Silver Scorpion
Silverclaw (Marvel Comics)
Samantha Simpson/Sam (Totally Spies)
Skids (Marvel Comics)
Skyrocket (DC Comics)
Snowbird (Marvel Comics)
Songbird (Marvel Comics)
Emma Sonnett (aka the 10th Muse) (various)
Jenny Sparks (DC - Wildstorm)
Sparx (see Blood Pack (comics) version) (DC Comics)
Speedy II (DC Comics)
Spellbinder (Harmony Concepts)
Spider Girl (DC Comics)
Spider-Girl (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)
Dorothy Spinner (DC Comics)
Spitfire (Marvel Comics)
Spoiler (DC Comics)
Spy Smasher (Katarina Armstrong), (DC Comics)
Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics)
Stacy X (Marvel Comics)
Star-Spangled Kid (DC Comics)
Stardust (AC comics)
Starfire (DC Comics)
Stella (Winx Club)
Stargirl (DC Comics)
Starwoman (Astro City)
Stature (Marvel Comics)
Stepford Cuckoos (Marvel Comics)
Stinger (Cassandra Lang) (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Storm (Marvel Comics)
Stunner (Marvel Comics)
Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sun Girl (Marvel Comics)
Supergirl (DC Comics)
Supergran (TV series)
Superwoman (DC Comics)
Suprema (Awesome)
Surge (Marvel)
Swift (DC - Wildstorm)
Sydney Savage (see Danger Girl)


River Tam (Firefly/Serenity)
Tank Girl (published by Dark Horse Comics)
Tara (Marvel Comics)
Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)
Tecna (Winx Club)
Terra (DC Comics, Teen Titans)
Thor Girl (Marvel Comics)
Thunder III (DC Comics)
Jonni Thunder (DC Comics)
Thundra (Marvel Comics)
Tigra (Marvel Comics)
Timeslip (Marvel Comics)
Titaness (Mansion Comics)
Topaz (Marvel Comics)
Toph (Television) (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Traci 13 (DC Comics)
Triplicate Girl a.k.a. Duo Damsel, Triad (DC Comics)
Troia (DC Comics)
Donna Troy (DC Comics)
Tsunami (DC Comics)
Katma Tui a.k.a. Green Lantern of Sector 1417 (DC Comics)
Turbo (Marvel Comics)


The Untalkable


Valda the Iron Maiden (DC Comics)
Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)
Valkyrie (Alpha-Omega Comics)[5]
Velocity (Top Cow: Cyberforce)
Venus (Marvel Comics)
Vigilante (Patricia Tryce) (DC Comics)
Vindicator (Marvel Comics)
Violet (The Incredibles)(Film)
Violet (J/C)
Virtuous Venus (Harmony Concepts)
Vixen (DC Comics)
Vogue (various)
Void (DC-Wildstorm)
Voodoo (DC-Wildstorm: WildCats)


Jakita Wagner (Dc-Wildstorm: Planetary)
Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
Wallflower (Marvel Comics)
The Wasp (Marvel Comics)
Web Woman (Filmation)
The White Witch (DC Comics)
Wild Thing (Marvel Comics-MC2)
Wind Dancer (Marvel Comics)
Colleen Wing (Marvel Comics)
Winged Victory (Astro City)
W.I.T.C.H: Will Vandom, Irma Lair, Taranee Cook, Cornelia Hale and Hay Lin (Disney Italia)
Witchblade (Top Cow Productions)
Witchfire (DC Comics)
Witchfire (Marvel Comics)
Wolfsbane (Marvel Comics)
The Woman in Red[6] (Standard Comics)
Wonder Girl (DC Comics)
Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) (DC Comics)
Wonder Tot (DC Comics)
Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
Wonder Woman (Just Imagine...) (DC Comics)
Word Girl (Television series title character)


X-23 (Marvel Comics)
XJ-9 - see Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman
XS (DC Comics)


Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers)
Gertrude Yorkes (Marvel Comics)


Zatanna (DC Comics)
Zealot (DC-Wildstorm)