Handshakes and Hugs

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President Donald Trump, fresh off patching up his ties with China, reassured Japan's leader that the US will defend them. These pronouncements is another shift toward a mainstream Trump stance on foreign policy toward Asia. His new committed to Japan security is another change from previous campaign rhetoric.

Trump welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with a brotherly hug and warm words of admiration. He dropped previously hard-charging rhetoric during a summit.…

"When I greeted him today at the car," Trump said after an Oval Office meeting, "I shook hands, but I grabbed him and hugged him because that's the way we feel." Not necessary. In fact, the look on Abe's face says it all. Japanese culture does not prefer hugs as proper etiquette. Believe me, I learned this right away during my trip to Japan when as AP New York Bureau Chief I hugged the Tokyo Bureau Chief in front of a packed newsroom of journalists to almost everyone's amazement. But in Trump's case, the whole world is watching. Trump 'grabs and hugs' Abe.…

Embracing the bro hug

For boasting about being a great negotiator, why is it that
Donald Trump Can't Shake Hands Right? via @YouTube