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520 is the abbreviation for "I Love You" in net and SMS use in the Chinese-speaking world. 520 CUBA, my birthplace. It is an example of extensive use of numerical digits for their similar pronunciation of daily expressions in Chinese. In this case, 5 means "I", 2 means "love", 0 means "you".

It is also Cuban Independence Day, but everyone knows Cuba is still not able to make that claim. Cuba was recovering from a war with Spain and endured a period of American military occupation. While this date is a celebration, Cuba was hamstrung by the cruel irony of independence without freedom.

The "Pearl of The Antilles" would receive independence-but-not-liberty fifty-seven years later. In 1898, Spain was dealing with a guerilla war in Cuba. Then the Maine happened and after Teddy Roosevelt finished beating Spaniards, the U.S government took over and promptly began to groom the island nation for protectorate status.

The USA also scored the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, which was the same year, but separate incidents.
Congress permanently leased Guantanamo Bay under the Platt Amendment. The Cubans allowed dictators to rule the paradise island for years until The Castro brothers were victorious in their revolution and were able to dictate intercourse diplomacy to their bucket list for a very long time.

Too bad their government took Cuba down another course that ended in communism. This May 20th marks the 110th year anniversary of Independence. The Castro government is clinging to faded ideals in their collective consciousness while is trying out a compromise between ideology and economic realities.

How free is Cuba? Is Cuba ever going to be independent?