Happy Anniversary

Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 12:45

The Carters are celebrating their 75 years of marriage today. They are the longest in presidential history. Jimmy, 96, and Rosalynn, 93, mark this special occasion in the town where they met nearly one hundred years ago.

May God continue to bless this amazing couple of love birds in paradise after a young midshipman needed a date one evening while he was home from the U.S. Naval Academy, in Annapolis so his younger sister paired him with a family friend who already had a crush on him from way back.

Nearly eight decades later, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are still together in the same tiny town where they were born, grew up, and had that first outing. In the meantime, the loving couple has traveled the world as Naval officer and military spouse, American president, and first lady, and finally as human rights and public health ambassadors.

The former President and first lady Rosalynn Carter are celebrating their 75th anniversary the longest marriage in U.S. presidential history.