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In Ancient Rome, one of the main festival dates took place on October 12, Augustalia.
Also known as Winterfylleth because during the full moon winter was supposed to begin.

This is also Dia de la Raza Argentina in Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Spanish speaking country generally sees it as a National holiday. Dia De La Raza celebrates the heritage, colonization, and cultural diversity of Latin America and brings into it all the ethnic and cultural influences making it distinctive.…

October 12 is not only important to me because I have been told it's my birthday. Yes, that's me riding a bike in the neighborhood. Gone are the days of birthday cards. Birthday quotes, Another year older, none the wiser. Wallpaper graphics and images have taken over the traditional birthday wishes.

It is Farmers Day as well, dating back to 1800s set to honor all of the hard-working farmers. The day is observed annually as a day to pay tribute to everyone who has worked the land and grown on soil throughout history.

It is also a good day to celebrate Cyber Security. Online security protects personal information and combats cyber threats by helping everyone stay cyber safe. My two daughters live on the west coast and therefore, I hope to face time with them whenever they call. My son, who lives in NYC is a computer expert and when I thought he study this specialty, he found it BORING. However, anyone wishing to see the latest cybercrime statistics or to learn how to surf safer.…