Submitted by ub on Mon, 06/27/2011 - 20:10

The days leading up to that Fourth of July Celebration are some of my favorites--those fireworks at Orchard Beach, all the picnics, assorted parades. I enjoy it because of what it stands for and because it’s such a festive time of the year.

What’s not fabulous about celebrating our nation's independence and paying honor to the day we became our very own and extremely unique United States of America?

It’s a good thing I’m a fan of the holiday because lately my 6 year old grad-daughter, Sophia has apparently transformed every day into the Fourth of July. For her, each rising sun brings new opportunities to declare, define, and celebrate her independence. My daughter Natasha says Sophia has an opinion about everything, even if it has nothing to do with her. Natasha is the mother of three beautiful girls. Elena, Chloe and Sophia, who is the youngest. She is now expecting a baby boy.... WoW... Woohoo! a grandson! You see, I have two gorgeous daughters and three beautiful grand-daughters, so this explains my excitement. Meanwhile, Natasha tells me that Sophia has even rejected one of the names her mother and father, Charlie are considering for their son. Carson, she responds - "then we would call him car and I do not like that", Sophia said.

If little kids could go to college, Sophia would be majoring in independent studies and earning her advanced degrees with a 4.0 grade point average.