Happy July 4 America

Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 22:14

Happy July Fourth America. Did POTUS try to make Independence Day all about him, but wound up looking very small and not too popular after all was said and done?

Trump’s comments during his private 🎊 party 🎉 to himself have been characterized as a grammar school lecture, while others allege it was a political stunt, or that it was written by bots.

Donald Trump, who steadfastly avoided serving in Vietnam through multiple draft deferments, now urged young Americans to join the #USA military.

In Trump’s defense, he almost stuck to his talking points and rarely went off script, but did he say US Army Took Over Airports During Revolutionary War?

POTUS read most of his Independence Day speech from a prepared text, but stumbled on his history by talking about airplanes during the American Revolution. Trump tripped up on history during his 4th of July speech by mentioning airports during Revolutionary War?…

Trump’s snoozefest speech sounded like it was written by an Artificial Intelligence bot: analyst…

Retired admiral cuts Trump’s 4th of July speech down to size: All the depth of an ‘8th-grade history’ lesson…

President Trump stuck to the script at his "Salute to America" celebration

Meanwhile, Pew Research Center data shows how the public reacts to Trump's crazy comments:
76% are "concerned"
70% are "confused"
69% are "embarrassed"
67% are "exhausted"
65% are "angry"
62% are "insulted"
56% are "frightened"

Loyalty to #USA is not equivalent to loyalty to POTUS.

243 years ago, America declared independence from a tyrant.

Now, we resist another one.

Trump claims he loves the military, but refused to serve, He cozies up to all the totalitarian leaders, thinking that a show of military force is going to make him look strong. What say you?