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Beny More * Como Fue

Diego El Cigala - Cómo Fue
Jose Jose Como Fue
Jon Secada ft Beny Moré
The Cuban Ensemble - Cómo fue
Jose Feliciano - Como Fue
Bolero Jazz - "Cómo fue"
Ibrahim Ferrer - Como Fue
Como fue - Luis Miguel
Como Fue Paquito de Rivera
Guadalupe Pineda - Cómo Fue?
Raúl Di Blasio - Como Fue
Jimmy Edward Como fue
Como Fue Willy Chirino
Oscar D Leon Arturo Sandoval Como fue

Whether you're male or female, straight or gay... VALENTINES could be a special day.

Some say VALENTINES DAY is the day we're encouraged to make romantic gestures.

Whichever path you've chosen, you may consider saying:

You are the sauce to my dumplings, the apple in my eye, the sunshine of my life, the fresh air that I breathe, my heart and my love, my soul, and my inspiration, everything to me, my chief executive, the one I adore, the one I want to grow old with, my better half, the horizon to my sky, the cheese to my macaroni, the peanut butter to my jelly, the petals of my rose, the flash to my camera, the bacon in my eggs, the laces in my shoes, the bubbles in my bath, the ink in my pen, the ketchup on my french fries, the water in my ocean, the icing on my cake, the modem in my computer, the cartridge in my printer, the fish in my chips, the smile on my face, or the yin to my yang... etc. Keep in mind, every day is valentines day!

But back this up with this positive gestures following a 1-2-3 basic communication formula.

Positive comments are essential for the maintenance of a healthy relationship. The development of this good habit takes a great deal of work, but it is well worth the effort.

No matter which language you speak, your communication should be respectful, cheerful, relaxed, mature and confident.

1/ Respect... Never control

The tendency to dominate and control is a common human weakness that must be mastered in order to maintain a healthy relation. This conflict often arises from severe childhood pains, from divorce trauma, from selfishness and from a lack of confidence.

Spouses subjected to controlling behaviors often feel sad, angry, insecure, exhausted and discouraged.

2/ Trust... Don't Worry

Excessive anxiety, like excessive anger, is a source of significant stress. Today, both individuals often worry too much about their work or providing for the family. This anxiety regularly can give rise to irritability that can be misdirected. In this challenging society, both can benefit from growing in the virtue of faith and of trusting to be effective in diminishing anxiety.

Finally, lack of balance in family life and too many responsibilities can be problematic and a major source of a lack of balance.

3/ Cheerful Giving

Cheerfulness is an essential virtue in couples. A warm, smiling face often helps your significant other to cope with many pressures, burdens, and responsibilities.

There is nothing funny about romance.