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The Donald rolls back Dodd-Frank and regulations protecting retirees. He's not draining the swamp, he's draining our wallets!

'I fix things,' boasts Trump at National Prayer Breakfast. Not necessarily, according to the following Brookings Institution stories.

Trump’s immigration policy could increase terrorism. Emphasizing the fact that zero Syrian refugees have been linked to terrorist attacks in the United States, Daniel Byman argues that Trump’s travel ban sends a troubling message to the world, and could ultimately lead to increased terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Why Trump’s policies will increase terrorism—and why Trump might benefit as a result

Trump’s views on Islam and Muslims do not have wide support. Shibley Telhami notes that Americans’ opposition to accepting refugees from Middle East conflicts have been highly exaggerated. Telhami outlines how Trump’s rhetoric has changed American views on Islam for the better. How Trump changed Americans’ view of Islam–for the better

The disastrous ripple effects on refugee resettlement. Providing historical context on America’s leadership and commitment to humanitarian principles, Elizabeth Ferris explains why President Trump’s action is a devastating blow to an already fragile international order.
How Trump changed Americans’ view of Islam–for the better

Another approach to counterterrorism. President Trump has talked about his immigration order as an anti-terrorism tool, but Eric Rosand and Alistair Millar discuss how Trump and his pro-business Cabinet could work with social media and technology companies to fight against terrorist propaganda. How the private sector can be harnessed to stop violent extremism